Septic System

Septic Permit Process

Below is a summary of Perry County's Septic Permit process. Links are also provided to print the necessary forms

1 - Complete an application - Click here to print a copy of the application or contact the Sanitarian's Office.

2 - Obtain a Soil Analysis - Contact a soil scientist to perform the soil analysis. Choose from the list of local soil scientists or from the Indiana Registry of Soil Scientists (see below). The soil analysis results will be sent to the Sanitarian for review and determination as to whether the soil is suitable for the septic system.

3 - Complete the design and installation packet and submit to Sanitarian  - This packet must be completed and submitted to the Sanitarian's office and reviewed prior to the on-site visit. Click here to print a copy of the packet or contact the Sanitarian's Office. It may take up to 45 days for the Sanitarian to review the packet.

4 - On-site visit by Sanitarian - The installer must be on-site at the time of this visit. The site should be laid out per the design plans.

5 - Septic Permit issued - Upon approval of the on-site visit, the Sanitarian will issue the Septic Permit to the applicant. The Permit is issued in the Sanitarian's Office. The Permit fee is $100 payable by cash, check, or money order.

6 - On-site inspection by Sanitarian - The Sanitarian must inspect the Septic System before it is covered up. Please notify the Sanitarian at least 48 hours before the Septic System is covered.


Below is a list of local soil scientists and contact phone numbers:

Jack Coulter     812.525.1896

Rebecca Langford     812.425.1413

David Ralston     812.858.7003

Archie Sauerheber     812.267.2749

Indiana Registry of Soil Scientists




Design and Installation Packet


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