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About Community Corrections

Mission Statement

The mission statement of the Perry County Community Corrections is to provide a safe environment for the community, while developing and implementing non-traditional alternative programs designed to reduce recidivism and provide services to offenders.

Agency History and Description

Perry County Community Corrections was established in January 2008 when the County Commissioners passed County Resolution No. R-C-07-7. This allowed Perry County to have a Community Corrections agency. This Agency is a grant funded agency with all funding for the salaries and program operations provided by the Indiana Department of Corrections. The grant must be applied for yearly in order to maintain the funding. The programs collect user fees for further operating expenses.

Perry County Community Corrections has created sentencing alternatives the county judicial system can use in order to keep offenders out of the local jail and the Department of Corrections. The Perry County Community Corrections uses day reporting, substance abuse court and forensic diversion, juvenile drug court and community transition program. These programs will help free up some much needed space in the county jail while providing weekly face-to-face contact with all participants. The programs will also allow for more frequent, random drug testing, earlier identification of problems to help prevent relapse and quicker referrals to needed services.

The Perry County Community Corrections Advisory Board oversees the community corrections programs by providing general guidance on the direction, goals and objectives of the programs and approving implementations. The Advisory Board meeting is held quarterly on the first Tuesday of every third month at which time any issues are discussed and voted on. The Board assists the programs by providing information and ideas for improvements.


Indiana Department of Correction

Indiana Association of Community Corrections Act Counties

Contact Information

Perry County Community Corrections
2211 Herrman Street
Tell City, IN 47586


E-mail: [email protected]

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.