Small Claims Information


  • The limit for an individual to file a small claims form is $10,000, and the limit for a corporation to file is $1,500.
  • The fee is $97.00 for the first defendant and $10.00 for each additional defendant. There is a $28.00 fee assessed for sheriff services (if requested) on any Perry County serve and return.
  • If a corporation is filing a small claims and someone other than the president of the company will be speaking on behalf of the company, a Certificate of Designation must be on file for that person.
  • The claim must be filed in the county where the Plaintiff or Defendant lives, or the county where employed, or the county where the transaction took place.
  • In order to serve the defendant, a physical address must be provided. Without service, no judgment will be awarded.
  • To release a court ordered judgement after payment in full, complete the Release of Judgement form.


Petition BMV Certificate of Title

Certificate of Designation

Motion to Dismiss a Small Claims Case

Small Claims Complaint and Affidavit of Debt

Eviction Notice Form

Release of Judgement