What is eRecording?

Electronic Document Recording (eRecording) is the secure process of electronically submitting documents to the Perry County Recorder's Office for recording.  By eliminating the need to physically mail or deliver documents in person, the cost, security, efficiency and gap time is greatly improved.  The actual recording of the document is still completed by the recorder in our software system.

Why Start eRecording?

  • Allows your company to submit documents instantly for recording
  • Shortens the time frame from receipt to return of document, from 3-5 working days to within almost minutes up to an hour of the initial submission
  • Documents are recorded in minutes
  • Rejected documents are received and re-submitted in a fraction of the time
  • Easy to track documents
  • Reduces the cost for postage and transportation
  • Eliminates check writing expenses for recordings
  • Your electronic documents are returned instantly
  • Reduces paper shuffling
  • Increase effectiveness and efficiency

All you need is a PC, scanner, and high-speed Internet access.

Who To Contact?

The Recorder's Office has partnered with the following companies to accept electronic submissions and you may contact them through a phone call or email:

For More Information:

Contact Fidlar Technologies, phone 800-747-4600
Perry County Recorder's Office, phone 812-547-4261