Child Support Information

Child Support Division

The Perry County Clerk's Office is responsible under Indiana law for collecting support payments ordered. The Perry County Prosecutor's Office or private counsel may pursue enforcement of child support orders; this office receives, disburses, and accounts for the payments.

Important Account Information 

Name, Address, and Social Security Number
The name, current address, and social security number of the payor and the recipient must be provided to the Perry County Clerk's Office - Child Support Division in order to receive and disburse payment to the recipient. To report a change in address of either party, please submit a Name and Address Change Form to the Clerk's Office. Having the correct information will ensure that payments are properly posted and disbursed to the recipient and that the payor continues to receive applicable mailings such as Docket Fee payment notices.

Payment Methods
We receive monies from "payors" through various means. Some are ordered to pay weekly, while others submit payments semi-monthly or even monthly.

Payment methods include cash payments, local checks, and money orders. Payment may also be made online to the state.

Child Support Payment Histories
Child support payment histories may be obtained by the parties at the Clerk's Office by coming in person with a photo ID. Payors and recipients may also access the automated telephone system to verify recent payments, disbursements, and court order information by calling 1-800-840-8757.

Annual Docket Fees
Under Indiana Law IC 33-19-6-5, the payor is required to remit an annual docket fee of $55 to the Clerk before March 31st. This fee helps cover the cost of servicing the payment account. The docket fee cannot be deducted from a child support payment. Please designate the case number and write "docket fee" on your check.

Changes in Support Amount
Child support payment amounts may change due to Child Support guidelines or court orders. Please contact the Clerk's Office to report any changes in support orders so that the money can be dispersed properly.